5" x 3/4" Tigerwood Solid Hardwood Flooring

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5" x 3/4" Tigerwood Solid Hardwood Flooring SKU:13575

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Looking for cheap Tigerwood (Koa) hardwood flooring? How about cheap pricing on quality Tigerwood (Koa) hardwood flooring? Winner of "Best in Houzz.com" 4 consecutive years! Tigerwood is a dramatic and stunning hardwood flooring.
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Wood: Tigerwood (Brazilian Tigerwood)
Grade: Natural - Prefinished
Stain: Natural
Width: 5
Warranty: 25 Years

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Brazilian Tigerwood (Koa) Hardwood Flooring: A Strong and Stunning Wood for Your Living Space

There's no escaping the stunning drama that comes from the look and feel of Brazilian Tigerwood (Koa) hardwood flooring. This exotic wood species can glam up the design of any home interior, with its vibrant range of colors and contrasting striping. It's also a strong, dense wood, capable of withstanding the demands of everyday wear and tear. Installation of Brazilian Tigerwood (Koa) in your home provides the durable flooring you need without sacrificing the high-quality character and style you want.

Some Interesting Facts About Brazilian Tigerwood (Koa)

Brazilian Teak, also known as Cumaru, is native to South America. The tree can grow quite large -- up to 120 feet tall and 5 feet wide. It's been used throughout the years for a variety of purposes, from ingredients in cosmetics like soaps, shampoos and perfumes, to the building of outdoor decks, furniture -- and as hardwood flooring.

In addition to hardwood flooring, Brazilian Koa is also made into high-end furniture, cabinetry, and decking, among other goods.

The Benefits of Brazilian Tigerwood (Koa) Harwood Flooring in Your Home

Another name for Brazilian Tigerwood is Koa. This name is quite fitting considering the range of colors this wood species exhibits, from light tans to orange hues, and deep reddish browns. Then there's the dark striping found throughout. The combination of color and contrasting stripes resembles the skin of a tiger. This is a very distinctive characteristic of the hardwood. The color of the flooring naturally darkens with time, adding to its depth, warmth, and charm.

Brazilian Tigerwood (Koa) flooring is also a dense wood, capable of taking the pounding of day-to-day living. In comparison to the industry standard for durability -- Red Oak -- Brazilian Tigerwood (Koa) scales the charts with a score of 2160 (Red Oak = 1290). It's a strong and steady wood, highly resistant to indentations from dropped toys of children and the nails of pets.

Like other hardwoods, it’s also easy to clean. Use a cloth mop or vacuum to pick up dirt and debris. Use a damp mop to clean up grime.

Lifetime of Beauty

To preserve the beauty of your hardwood flooring for a lifetime, all of our pre-finished hardwood flooring is protected by seven layers of UV Cured Polyurethane infused with Ceramic particles (aluminum oxide) for scratch resistance and gloss retention. The finishes are 100% solids with no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can be harmful to humans and the environment. The finish is cured instantly by UV lights thus creating a safe yet extremely durable finish. This process provides the highest quality finish and durability in an environmentally friendly way.

Environmentally Smart

Choosing pre-finished hardwood flooring is a smart choice for the environment. Wood itself is green; it’s a renewable resource with a much lower carbon foot print then plastics that are found in many carpets and some laminate flooring. Do you or a member of your family suffer from allergies? Prefinished hardwood floors are hypoallergenic. The finish will not give refuge to dust mites or microorganisms as carpets can; making hardwood flooring a smart choice for you’re the environment in your home!

Additional Information
Wood Type Tigerwood (Brazilian Tigerwood)
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Natural - Prefinished
stain Natural
Finish Prefinished
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Board Width
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Board Length
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1' to 5' avg 2.5'+
Hardness (Janka)
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Sqft per BOX 23.33
Board Thickness 3/4
Floor Type Solid
Surface Treatment Smooth
Install Type Nail
Final Finish No
Warranty 25 Years
Video Html No
Product Zip No