Species or Wood Type Of Hardwood Flooring Species or wood types are typically broken down into two categories, domestic and exotic. Domestic species are as the names suggest, hardwoods that are harvested from the North American and include species such as Red Oak, Hickory, and Maple. Exotic species are commonly known to come from places like Brazil and Australian with hardwoods like Brazilian Cherry, Brazilian Teak and Australian Cypress.

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  1. 5" x 3/8" Birch Coffee Bean Handscraped Engineered Hardwood Flooring

    Regular Price: $5.69

    Special Price $2.89

    Engineered hardwood flooring is excellent choice for any floor of you home, including basement and on concrete. Can be floated, glued or nail/stapled. Learn More

    Wood: Birch
    Grade: Select - Prefinished
    Stain: Coffee Bean
    Width: 5
    Warranty: 20 Years

  2. 4 3/4" x 3/4" Birch Hand Scrapped French Roast Stain

    Regular Price: $6.73

    Special Price $4.89

    Looking for that very unique look? Hand scrapped is very much in fashion. Very attractive price point for hand scrapped product. Birch provides an excellent base for hand scrapping. Learn More

    Wood: Birch
    Grade: Natural - Prefinished
    Stain: French Roast
    Width: 4 3/4
    Warranty: 25 Years

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2 Item(s)