Birch - Ash - Hickory (American Hickory) - Maple (American Maple) - Mixed Species - Red Oak (Red and White Oak) - Walnut (American Walnut) - White Oak

Top 3 Things to Know About Hickory Hardwood Flooring
  1. Lots of character
  2. It is Hard- Janka Scale of 1820
  3. 100 Year Warranty on our Superior Collection
  4. Did you know?

    Why is it hard to find rustic grade / closeout / clearance Hickory hardwood flooring? For every truck load (13,500 sq.ft) we run, we yield about 7% for those grades combined (945 sq.ft). It sells very quickly.

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  1. 5" x 1/2" White Oak Sierra Natural Engineered Hardwood Flooring

    Regular Price: $5.63

    Special Price $3.49

    Looking for cheap Oak hardwood flooring? How about cheap pricing on quality Oak hardwood flooring? Winner of "Best in" 4 consecutive years! Known as America’s favorite domestic solid wood flooring choice, Oak flooring is hard and durable Learn More

    Wood: White Oak
    Grade: Select - Prefinished
    Stain: Sierra
    Width: 5
    Warranty: 25 Years

  2. 4" x 3/4" White Oak Sierra European Character Solid Hardwood Flooring

    Regular Price: $9.99

    Special Price $6.49

    Looking for LONG lengths and WIRE brushed? White Oak European Character Hardwood Flooring comes in 2 feet to 10 foot lengths. Wire brushing the surface creates a unbelievable look at very reasonable price. This cheap White Oak hardwood flooring is a great alternative to reclaimed hardwood flooring costing 4-8 times a much. Learn More

    Wood: Red Oak
    Grade: Natural - Prefinished
    Stain: Sierra
    Width: 4
    Warranty: 25 Years

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2 Item(s)